The Power of Association

Do you want to be a successful? Since you are a Realtor®, then of course you want to be successful! I believe the only way to succeed is through consistency. I think, like most people, I have had a blend of consistency and inconsistencies throughout my life. Through all of the ups and downs, I have found that the biggest impact on how consistent I am has been through my associations.

What is the power of association? We are who we associate with. As an example; why do we speak the language we speak? Is it because of who we have been associated with growing up? That’s a simple example; so, my second question is, “Who do you want to be associated with as a Realtor®?”

The reasons I associate with WEICHERT, REALTORS® – New Colony is because they believe in me! They send me dozens of leads and expect me to close these leads. They give me opportunity upon opportunity to show them who I am. They assist me in building my SOI (sphere of influence) by referring fresh leads to me on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The leads sent to me often refer their friends and family to me as well, so one lead turns into another and so on!

WEICHERT, REALTORS® -New Colony is the best Real Estate Company I have ever worked with. The camaraderie is very strong and I feel a part of a team! There is always support when I need it. I don’t feel as though I am alone in the Real Estate market because there is a team of honest, hard-working people who are there to answer questions and meet my needs. The weekly meetings are filled with up-to-date news about the Real Estate market. The meetings are a place for the agents to catch-up with each other and learn about current market trends and how we can continue to grow our business in those conditions.

I know when I walk into my office that I’m always walking into an office that is welcoming, clean and always available.  I love knowing that if I have to work till 3 am due to a hectic schedule that my office is always available with all up-to-date equipment in order to perform my job to the best of my ability.

All and all, I have found a home at WEICHERT, REALTORS® – New Colony and I am thankful to be associated with a group of people who have high morals and strong work ethics. I am a better Realtor® because I am part of this office. I hope they feel the same about my performance!

Written by Mary Tablada

Contact us: 410-381-3331

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