Low-Cost Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

Sure, you can spend a good chunk of your down payment on big-ticket improvements like new kitchen appliances, a bathroom remodel, and dramatic landscaping. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Here’s my advice for some low-cost updates that will give your home a fresh look and polish.

  1. Potted plants on the front step or porch give a pop of color and create a warm welcome.
  2. A new rug in the entry way will continue to build a strong first impression.
  3. Paint the first room that prospective buyers walk into. Choose a color that is bright, but neutral.
  4. Declutter. Really. Pack up anything you know you can live without. This gives a buyer a chance to imagine their belongings in the home. Plus, it opens up the space. Remove any damaged or extra large furniture.
  5. Add new towels and new bath rugs to every bathroom.
  6. Remove any out-of-season clothes from your closets and put them into storage, or take them to a friend’s house. This helps the closets look open and spacious.
  7. Dust every nook and cranny. And no cobwebs allowed! This shows you take pride in your home.
  8. Change the air filter in your HVAC unit, remove the lint from the dryer and vacuum the air vents in each room. Show that you’ve kept up with basic maintenance.
  9. Scrub that tub! And showers. Make them shine.
  10. Open the windows to air out any lingering odors, and consider adding some lightly scented air fresheners or air neutralizers around the home.

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