Ask the Realtor: What Can I Expect at a Final Walk-Through?

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The final “walk-through” is typically scheduled with 24 hours of settlement. It gives you one last opportunity to make sure that the home you are purchasing is in the condition that you and the seller mutually agreed to in the sales contract. For example, perhaps there was damage to the home during the move out. Or, maybe a repair was needed following the inspection and you requested that the repair be made. You can confirm that the problem was indeed corrected.

Should a problem be noted during the walk-through, we will contact the seller’s representative to let him or her know what the deficiency is. Or, the seller or representative may be present during the walk-through and the deficiency can be discussed. If the seller accepts responsibility, money for the repair can be given to you at settlement. If the seller does not agree to the repairs, we will act as the go-between to help reach a compromise so that the settlement is not delayed.

It is rare for problems to occur at a walk-through because we remain in contact with the seller’s Realtor® from the time the offer is presented through the settlement. Plus, we will follow the status of any requested repairs in the weeks and days leading up to closing so that the process continues moving smoothly.

Are you thinking about listing your home or buying a home? Call WEICHERT, REALTORS® — New Colony at 410-381-3331 for a complimentary meeting with one of our Realtors®.

Contact us: 410-381-3331

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