BOOST: The Easiest Way to Reach Prospects Right Now

By Michael McKenna and David Vane

Postcards and e-mails have their place in the process of turning contacts into prospects into clients, but today the quickest and least expensive way to get someone’s attention is with a phone call.

Here’s what we’ve learned about calling:

  • There are very few hang-ups. You’re not asking for a donation or selling time-share properties. You are a professional from your prospect’s community, offering a service that they or a friend will.
  • About 30 conversations will lead to 1 appointment.
  • The more you do it, the more comfortable you feel and the easier it gets.

Make It a Conversation

Be prepared with a brief introduction and a few engaging questions. For example: Did you know houses in your neighborhood are selling for…”

Share what you know to position yourself as an expert, but let them do the talking.

Have a reason to meet. Offer to bring them comps of their own neighborhood, or of a neighborhood they may be interested in.

Ask if you may call them again in the future, and let them choose when. For example, three months, six months or a year. And then do it!

We’ll be talking about this much more during the upcoming BOOST program, a free 8-week educational course to improve your confidence, strengthen your skills, and give you a plan of action for prospecting new buyers and sellers.

Need a BOOST? Sign up now through the Weichert intranet. Visit this page Monday for a sneak peak at other program topics.

Wednesdays at 12:30 pm
from Feb. 4, 2015 through March 25, 2015
6925 Oakland Mills Rd. Ste A
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