BOOST Your Business: The 5 Guiding Principles of Follow-Up

By Michael McKenna and David Vane

We’re not going to give away all five principles here before the BOOST program begins next Wednesday, but we will share this one: Write it down.

It seems simple enough, but in the moment it can be difficult to make time to do it. Take notes as you can during a meeting or a call, but plan to take five to 10 minutes afterward to write down what you’ve learned about a prospect. What are they looking for? When are they looking to buy or sell? Where are they from? What are the names of their children? What do they do in their downtime? Be prepared with these answers at your next conversation so that you can make a personal connection.

Note the date and time you spoke, the method of contact, and the prospect’s preferred method of contact for the next time. You may think that you can remember these details, but if you’re prospecting as often as you need to, it will be more than you can handle. Consider this:BOOST flyer

Buyer Prospecting Formula
Approximately 20 prospects = 1 lead
Approximately 5 leads = 1 buyer
Approximately 4 buyers = 1 sale under contract

Don’t get overwhelmed. We can help you track it all. Sign up for BOOST now through the Weichert intranet. It’s free to our Realtors.® Visit this page tomorrow for another preview of our program topics.

Wednesdays at 12:30 pm
from Feb. 4, 2015 through March 25, 2015
6925 Oakland Mills Rd. Ste A
Columbia, MD 21045

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